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First we select the colored yarn that will be used for a particularwoven item. In this case, a sash.

Using a horizontal revolving "warping mill" the yarn is measured accurately and the colors laid next to each other in a special sequence

After the measured and selected yarns are removed fromthe warping mill, they are loosely chained together and brought to a proper-sized floor loom.

This is the tricky part.

Based on the desired final pattern, each of the various colored yarns are fed thru one of four possible "heddle" eyes.  

Foot treadles control which of the four frames that hold the heddles will rise to allow the pattern to emerge in the woven piece.

All the threads are all in place and held under strong tension… and the weaving has begun.

Voyageur Sashes-How They are Made

After the sash is taken off the loom, the fringes are are created by twisting a-few-threads-at-a time at  each end of the sash.  

The twisting is as much work as the whole rest of the process!