About handspun scarves & shawls

Handspun and handwoven shawls and scarves are timeless. 

Before the late 1700s all cloth, blankets, ship sails, etc. were handspun and handwoven. 

People changed to machine made fabrics when those became available. 

These shawls are handspun of wool, and handwoven, and are useful for reenactments, as well as modern occasions. The shawls are the undyed natural colors of the sheep, which come in many shades. 

Converting a sheep fleece to a shawl requires 4 steps. The sheep are not hurt in this process. Think haircut. 

SHEARING the sheep to remove the wool, and washing it.

CARDING or combing the wool to separate and organize the individual fibers into a form that can be spun quickly and easily.

SPINNING the wool. This is done on a drop spindle or the familiar spinning wheel.

WEAVING the wool into a shawl. Shawls lend themselves to a variety of weaving patterns, but being made out of wool are very warm and practical.

The shawls come in various sizes, to accommodate different size people, and different methods of wearing them. To decide on one for you, take a sheet (or other cloth large enough), fold it to the size of the shawl, and try it on. 

You can hand wash with warm, not hot, water. Dry flat.

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